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Our Plea to Responsible TV
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This blog is being written to the attention of the writers, producers, actors and others involved with the HIV/AIDS storyline on ABC’s ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />General Hospital. We would like to start by saying that we appreciate everything GH has done through the years to bring awareness and attention to this topic. The actors involved in the storyline have even become involved in charity fundraising in their personal lives and we thank them so much for their dedication in helping to eradicate this disease.

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Unfortunately, we feel that at this time in the world, even more responsibility needs to be taken on when addressing such a serious topic. We understand that GH is a tv show. But, we feel it is of vital importance that things not be brushed aside in the storylines. For example…during a recent hostage storyline, a character with HIV was operated on in a situation where proper precautions couldn’t be taken. The HIV positive character has a “virtually undetectable viral load”. Because of this, they washed over the risk taken by those that operated on her. We appreciate the point that taking the medications responsibly can minimize risk, but it doesn’t mean there is no risk. And for a character to even make a statement like that, about it minimizing risk, is misleading. The problem is, it is not explained, so the assumption is that once a person goes on medication, the risk is minimal. That is simply not true. We feel that it should also have been emphasized that if they had been in normal circumstances, they would have taken every precaution. And, even though the risk may have been nominal, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t at least address getting tested. Not to mention that even those who take their medications can have a resistance and, therefore, a possibly high viral load.


There are other points where things like this have been overlooked or pushed aside. And, while we understand that a soap opera is not where people should turn for their information, we feel we would be remiss not to worry. Unfortunately, there are too many out there that will take what they hear on your show as gospel. We ask that those involved in the storyline take on the responsibility of asking questions, getting answers, and making sure they are taking on the responsibility of properly educating their audience. We have seen what you can do and we know that you won’t be afraid to take this on as well. Make yourselves a beacon of hope by agreeing to face each little piece of this head-on and with full responsibility.


We ask that others share their opinions here or even simply sign the blog if they agree with what has been said. Then we ask the writers, producers and actors at General Hospital to see these comments and take to heart our concerns.


Thank you.


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