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In the Shadow of The Etch-a-Sketch World

Shadow of the Etch- a- Sketch World

by Mark Moroknek

Once as we lay speaking
Music tinkling low
You smiled at a lyric
that spoke to you just so
A song that spoke in prophecy
Touching, we parted
You forever turned away from me

In the frantic pace of the
Etch-a-sketch world
Our bodies entwine anew
A sweaty masterpiece of secrets
Now waning
Destiny rises unbidden
like a corner out of true

The world titlts off its axis
the knobs drop off,
nuts and bolts roll crazily
Pinballs stop their bing, bong, bang
Bells cease their jangling

In the sudden silence following
Cessation of that notion
Twenty- thousand people
we hear without emotion
A recent earthquake killed them

In the aftermath we speak of history,
the shrouded depths of time
we struggle with understanding
one another so I think
The traffic lights stop working
another obvious sign
Running the green I do not pass go
but land in jail

There is something I am missing
a piece I do not know
I need to find out about it
Its crucial that I know
You touch my face, my lips
with your fingertips which
become opaque and disappear
in mystery.

We speak now of the imminent with
soapsuds in our eyes
with urgency and emergency
our bodies move together until
you sigh and
whisper in my ear
the last piece of the puzzle

Realization startles me so I cry aloud
beneath your weather eye
We scream together in silent harmony
Finally your voice a caress
Soothing me your words a soliloquy
nearly killing me
you are gone

Almost frantic
I attempt the resurrection through
Shimmering tears
Scattering the collection of thingamabobs and
necessary tools
I regain control too late
As swirling down the drain they
prevent any heroics
leaving hardly any stains.


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