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In my legal practice it has been my privlege to represent clients whose constitutioal rights have been so mauled, the analysis of the damages invloved amazes me. Ditto with employment discrimination.

I am a second generation American Jew, and until recently thought very little about my background, at least in terms of prejudice. But its there. The reason I never had to think about it is because I was lucky enough to grow up in New York, which is enough of a MELTING POT that as a Jew I am not such an unusual phenomenon.

One would think the same is true of Latino’s but take for instance, the radio show hosted by the “Jersey Guys” Carter and Rossi, who are urging listeners to turn Hispanics, “friends, neighbors and anyone suspicious” over to immigration . Please.

In any event, I have become interested in the preservation and protection of civil rights and professionally, as well as personally, am more aware of the existence of prejudice than I ever was before. And it certainly exists, although to a lesser degree then at any other time in history mainly as a result of education.

People are prejudiced and biased about everything, not just race, nationality, gender and religion. There is an innate bias built into each person that makes his or her perceptions slightly different from the next person; and it shows itself in the way that one person will perceive something as funny and another will not.

Major prejudices come from organized systems of belief, as so much else does.Not just religion either; one’s background is an organized system of beliefs. Just look at the Southern United States. To this day, there is still litigation over the confederate flag.

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March 25, 2007 - Posted by | Law


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